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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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have the option to vote and hire another consultant. oakland is facing a shortage of police officers and epidemic crime rate just yesterday night. police officer was shot in the arm. so we'll find out how they vote tonight, again, it's going to be a long one, we'll have results for you either way, we'll be on at 11:00 tonight. >> allen, thank you, we'll see you then. police rond rounded up a handful of suspects after a search that followed beating and shooting of an under cover officer, officers arrested two men and detained three others. names but confirmed all have ties to a local gang. they believe all five are directly connected to the shooting that wounded the officer last night. >> we have five people going down, being detained in this. we have three people who are actually involved in the beating as well as shooting of
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the officer. other suspects are going out of town. >> investigators say the gun is among at least five weapons re8a> a man suspected of shooting two teenagers in pittsburgh is now in jail. a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the house on west 11th street arresting the man for murder. his name has not been released. police say he got into a fight with two 16-year-old boys then came back late skbrer shot them. the student steven rosales was shot in the back, and killed. the other victim is out of the hospital. a drive by shooting in brentwood might have been caused by clothing the victims were wearing. police say men opened fire on a group of teenagers just north of lone tree way.
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the shooting happened after the men commented on the clothing. four kids between 13 and 16 years old suffered minor injuries. police say the shooting may be gang related. >> a home invasion has neighbors worried. that has neighbors wondering who will be next. vic lee is live at the san jose police department for us. vic? >> there are many long time residents living in this neighborhood. and they tell us they've always felt safe until recently. and new, this. this violent crime. >> nudge like that ever happens near our little alcove, you know? >> kathleen lived 45 years in this neighborhood of shadow brooke in the heart of the al ma den valley. she and other neighbors were shocked. everyone here today seemed to be talking about the scary home invasion.
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>> in this case it was knock on the door. they opened the door and suspects basically barged in. >> policexy after 6:00 last night. two, or three men forced their way into the home and tied victims up while they ransacked the house, taking jewelry, cash and electronics. >> they stole both cars belonging to victims. >> victims of a retired couple. their daughter said they were not hurt. larry blankenhim told investigators he was sitting in hiszz0a open garage and sawa sus spishus car carrying strange qlorz looked like they were casing out homes. >> i saw a big black sedan with three big guys in it. and minutes later they drove back up this way. >> long time residents told us they've seen an increase in crime in a historically save neighborhood where people
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watch out for one another. >> just blocks from here maybe a half mile there is car jacking. >> doris doesn't feel safe anymore. michael believes it's because of the cut backs in police force. >> there used to be patrols. i never see that anymore. there is insufficient police here know now. >> the police pio .d5qdooes not disagree with miss michael. he says there is a negative correlation between the police cut backs and some crimes. for instance, crimes of opportunity. now, police are still looking for the suspects as well as the victims two cars which they stole. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. police looking for a band of thieves apparently pulling off two home invasion robberies in piedmont. three armed men kicked in the door of one homel>
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busted into another house less than two miles away. in the saekd tack robbers punched a victim and fired at another, nobody was seriously hurt. >> this work to repair the bay bridge tower is going to be new information on the damage tonight. laura? >> hi, dan. well, caltrans is pointing today to the fact that this repair began rather quickly just two weeks after that wayward ship hit!mzjg.t delta tower. and why would it cost so much. >> at the time it was considered a blow with no damage to the bay bridge tower but instead of a hit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, caltrans now estimates goitsing to cost millions to fix fenders damaged by the overseas raymar. >> this is called mobilizing
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the equipment they need. once they do that, first order is starting to remove damaged fender systems. >> the more serious damage caused by the 2007 collision and oil spill disaster is looking like a relative bargain. the cosco busson repairs took six weeks, three weeks ahead of schedule. caltrans estimates it could take up to 4.5 months to fix fend fenders damaged by the raymaar and potentially twice the cost. >> the cosco busson did tear off sections of the fender.$$f and there is damage still in place. it would be more -- more time consuming. >> the money for the latest fix will come from the bay area toll authority which is administered by the transportation commission. it's unclear whether they'll go after the shipping company
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or bar pilot to recruit the money. >> i think it's too early to know what answers goring to be. that is what caltrans is concerned right now getting fenders for repairs so the bridge is protected from another incident. >> this work proceeds caltrans says there will be no interruption to ship traffic that travels underneath the bridge. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> a new pipeline scanner could take guesswork out of determine chg lines are safe. pg&e is testing it now part of efforts to improve safety3i programs since the deadly explosion. excuse me. sheer abc 7 news. >> pg&e san ramoneo- u technoloy sent jer worthy of a science fiction movie set but here, it's science reality. >> there is a laser and camera
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autos this scanner maps the surface of a natural gas pipeline in high def down to the invisible measurement of 40 microns about the width of the smallest human hair, showing engineers and kcal cue late whether pipe corrosion is bad enough to make the pipe unsafe. >> because of the fact we're scanning 100% of the area you've got a lot more data. especially if going with a high resolution mode. >> the conventional method involves taking chicken wirks painting a grid of squares and using a tool to measure corrosion depth. >> using the laser scanner compared to conventional is hours and hours. >> the laser beam bounces off dots to measure the relationship to the pipe surface.
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it's being tested and used in the field as part of pg&e regular pipe maintenance program. >> the/a2p 2010 san bruno explosion was caused by failure of old, faulty wells that were never properly tested. eight people were killed and 38 homes, destroyed. it's unlikely the laser scanner would have caught those krelz. looks at exteriors only. pg&e added new inspection tools since then, as well. the device costs about $100,000 that, is a lot mer than chicken wire and spray paint so costs could be a factor in determining whether pg&e nets gets anymore. >> still ahead here tonight on abc 7 news we're going show where you can get a $4949ers at that time yoo. the display of pride of your team that will never wear off. >> new surgery to reattach a receivered finger not an emergency.
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ahead on 7 on your side a hospital billing controversy. >> clouds gathering and there is rain headed our way as well. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> later tonight high tech sun gases -- glasses develop that had can open up wonderful world
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a young man being call aid hero doesn't see it that way. the 23-year-old helped save
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five people from this apartment fire last night, caught two skmirn their mother and then brought a ladder to help others climb to safety. he told us that is what anyone would do. >> i'm not used to it. i don't feel like wla i did was heroic. i did what had to be done at that time. >> one of the neighbors is a fire captain responding to the scene and says trevor is too modest. >> given the amount of damage and fire, he made a difference. >> it caused a million dollars in damages. no one was seriously hurt. >> details on the arrest of a man for a laser attack on our sky 7 hd helicopter. the chopper covering a shooting in east oaklandla,ouéá in prison five years, police identified the man as a
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40-year-old gregory riley being held on $10,000 bail. >> al nipon airways cancelled flights from san francisco to tokyo through the end of the month. a plane now granded after a couple fires. today, the u.s. faa joined authorities in japan who are investigating one of the fires. they're looking into the company that makes the batteries. the investigation will determine whether the $200 million planes can return to skies or be redesigned. >> 49ers fever running high smrks fans want to make a bold statement. they are proud to among the faithful and want to display that pride permanently. >> if anyone questions the devotion of the 49er faithful... they should visit a certain establishment near sacramento
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and take advantage of tommy garcia's offer. >> hence the gold rush. $49 for 49er tattoos. just pick a design. >> eve yet chose one for her daughter. a new twist on togetherness. >> had this is not the first time they've run this promotion. now we've#çãgot almost two weeks. normally what would this cost? >> on a regular day, about 200s oodz this is a deal? >> granted this may be basic work but any tattoo on anyone becomes a statement that lasts a lifetime. >> not about just one game.
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it's my life. >> anyone can wear a hat or jersey but takes a fan to etch it into the for arm. >> ready to go all the way. >> his girlfriend might have had one, too. she sesz she's running out of real estate. >> so spelling well is part of the job? >> yes. >> spell it for me its up to her. >> maybet$m) a second dogo. >> you -- you should get one. >> maybe that is a fine line being a fan and a fanatic of saying you're faithful or putting it in writing.o/ ñ are you fan enough? from sacramento county abc 7 news. >> we'll let you know if wayne is.
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our coverage begins live from new orleans next week. >> that is commitment. >> yes. >> spencer has been thinking about getting a circle 7 tattoo. >> thinking about it? >> not for long. >> from our mount tam camera looking down onto the bay we have cloudy skies right now. high clouds were thin early in the day. so rainfall not expected to hit the bay area, temperatures readings mainly into the mid-50s. fairfield appears to be on the way to winning for the cool spot. forecast features mostly cloudy overnight. rain arriving tomorrow. we'll see pockets of rain
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early in the day. this pattern remains with us throughout the end of the week and perhaps into the weekend. here is what it loongs like by waive our radar composite image. a large plume of moisture. these are high clouds there is dry air under this moisture. much evaporates before hitting the ground. we'll see it first in the%&r north bay. at 5:00 in the morning will be cloudy and not very wet. later in the day, into afternoon and evening, we'll see rain becoming wide spread. there will be light rain or showers continuing overnight then breaking up tomorrow gbók by beginning of rush hour, thursday, 5:00 a.m.ñxpiñh hour, rainfall will reach only about a tenth inch foremost areas so this is not a major
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event. mid to upper 40s around the bay. 49 in fairfield. that is likely to be the cold spot. then, tomorrow, we'll see high temperatures into 50s. low 60s near at the bay. near monterey bay just meelder by a few degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast. and tomorrow is a spare the
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governor brown rejected a request from cal university trusty that's want more money.
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trustees hope the governor would go along with giving them another $250 million. mr. brown called on csu to cut costs without increasing tuition during a meeting in long beach today. >> the problem is rides rising inequality. 26% as a kid, 23% of the kids under family that's are december nated below poverty line that. is a big, big challenge. >> the trustees want to give employees a raise. government warned them today it's going to be hard to get lawmakers to approve those raises in this era of belt tightening. >> the question may be putting a damper on a program that let's solo drivers use the carpool lanes for plug in owners until 2015. so far, just 9,000 stickers have been issued. that is in contrast to the yellow sticker program that sold out of its 85,000
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stickers. state senator lee wants to encourage drivers to give them more years in that carpool lane. >> more expensive and can use these vehicles on an hov lane kind of helps settle anxiety a little bit more. >> advocates predict sales of the plug in cars will pick up as the economy picks up. 1400 of the cars sold in november alone. >> there is more still to come here tonight. just ahead an 11-year-old boy had to have a receivered finger reattached and paper work snafu the insurance company is blaming for refusal to pay. >> tonight the anniversary of roe versus wade. after 40 years decisions remain. >> and new details on
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beyonce's rendition of the "star spangled banner". wait was it ñ
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police in texas have detained two people after a shootout in a community college that happened this morning at lone star college in houston. four people were taken to the hospital. authorities say it started as an argument escalating into gunfire. a witness watched it unfold from less than 10 feet away. >> i don't want to fight you. i'm not trying to go to jail. he turned away from the situation. but... whatever ticked ticked him off, they just started shooting. >> a maintenance work skbrer a woman suffered a heart attack were taken to the hospital. >> this. >> today marks the anniversary of the roe versus wade
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decision. both sides rallied in front of the high court. it's a decision four decades ago that continues to divide the country. >> and still it's a hotly contested decision. forces have taken their fight to the states and today, it was in the street. in their walk through downtown los altos, pro choice supporters sang songs, debated which side of the street would be best and never strayed from the belief it's still important to support the court decision and a woman's right to choice. >> very two daughters and they having full family planning rights is important to me and them. the fact someone else could dictate how they treat their bodies is ridiculous. >> reack was uniform. >> i don't know why they still have to walk. they have the rights for
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pro-choice. >> it's something that we don't need to march for. we feel it should nbt constitution somewhere. >> but just block as way there is a mass to mark the anniversary of the decision. for just the opposite reason. >> i am very passion nate we protect the life of the unborn. >> this church used to sponsor a far of pro-life supporters who would walk on the other side of the street. >> now, we're encouraging people to go to san francisco. there is a larger one there. >> this sister is talking about the walk for live on saturday. both sides met in front of the supreme court this legal battle has been playing out in individual taits. there, forces have been winning.
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the case originated in texas. and texas has since cutoff funding to planned parenthood, women there have see a doctor then wait 24 hours before having an abortion. >> mark math use reporting. >> tourists at the white house got quite a surprise today, and he mrs. obama greeted visitors in the blue room. the reception room on the first floor of the white house this, is video streamed live and even the dog took part in the reception line. mrs. open oeb yauma said in part, i love doing this. >> it's unclear whether beyonce lip synced the national anthem yesterday.
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>> you can see she had trouble with the audio. today the u.s. marine band says the voice track was rerecorded as was all of the music they're saying they're not in position to know whether vocals were live or on tape but saying a live performance was ill advised because she had no opportunity to rehearse with the band. the use of a recording is not unprecedented. yoyoma relied on one at the first inaugural for president obama. >> lukea gonzales accidentally receivered his finger but what happened in months that followed is a lesson for all of us. >> doctors were able to reattach his fing skbrer he's now almost fully recovered.
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what proved bigger challenge is the struggle with the medical bills. lukea gonzales stretches out the clay in an effort to strengthen his finger, just five months ago, play turned into tragedy. >> i was running towards the door. i opened it i pulled it and grabbed it and slammed it. i put my hand like this. the door closed too fast. and i looked up and my finger was gone. >> six months later he's resumed activities. his father slopped the bleeding and directed his mother to put the finger on ice and the terrified mom looked on. >> surgery was successful. they were able to somewhat reattach it. >> i lost a finger. and my, here.
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>> then, the hard part. rehabilitation and dealing with a mix up with the medical bills. the family health plan healthnet refused to cover expenses. why? the insurance company says the doctor who performed the surgery was out of network it was emergency to my child and that is not just a broken bone, but a receivered finger to an 11-year-old child. at no time did anyone discuss this with us. >> the doctor began billing the family over 10,000s ndz expenses. linda is with health access a patient advocate group. >> this is not an uncommon practice thchl is something we've heard of many times. >> she says that is because doctors and insurance companies das agree over compensation. >> the problem needed to be worked out between insurance company and the doctor and provider should not have immediately turned to the consumer to tray to bill them. >> irene made calls to
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everyone but got no answers. she ended up making payments to the doctor because she didn't want her credit hurt. she then called 7 on your side. healthnet told whaus they thought was an out of network treatment was actually a paper work snafu. what happened was some services came through and were coded outpatient. instead of emergency. that left her not fully covered. she's since received a check reimbursing her for 26 hups oodz thank you for helping with us this matter. you guys were great. >> that is what we're here for. healthnet blames the hospital. the hospital denies making a mistake. both declined to appear on camera. healthnet is now covering expenses for surgeries so all is well. >> glad he's okay. >> yes.
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>> coming up next berkeleyville sun glass that's can o
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you know sometimes best inventions are discovered by accident. >> yes. that is how a local scientist came across a remedy for color blindness. >> a pair of classic aviator sunglasses will running about 10s ndz a drug store. why would you pay $600 for these? if you're color blind. sandy is taking a test to determine how quickly he can tell colors apart. don discovered it by accident when his friend used them. >> he said these are great. i can see the cones. i didn't know what he's talking about. turns out he's color blind. he can see the orange cones for the first time in his life. >> color blindness is a defect in the retina color sensing
6:40 pm
pigment autos we have one sensitive to green light and one to red light. we can notice they overlap a lot. >> the red and green overlap and both look brown unless you can block a narrow part of the spectrum between red and green. that is what encroma does. >> this goes way beyond just a new appreciation for plant life. man made world is built out of color. being able to tell them apart can be a matter of safety from. traffic lights to road signs if you can't see color, he says you're likely to hes state swlu to make a split-second decision n clinical trials he says the patients made snap judgments 30% faster. what tickles him is something eels they pointed at a la convenient dar color.
6:41 pm
they've never seen lavender before in their live that. is the goose bump moment for me. >> coming up, the project changing the face of san francisco. >> turning a corner of the city
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tonight money matters a solid performance from google reporting earnings. $2.9 billion, up 7% from last year, google says advertisers spent more money over holidays in pursuit of bargain hunters. despite iphone activations verizon earnings were weaker than expected. the profit margin for smart phones is low. and verizon promised cost cutting measure that's will improve the bottom line this year. and microsoft reportedly vilwilling to finance a buyout of dell. dell is considering offers to take the company private.
6:45 pm
>> this week marks 10th anniversary of a project helping change the face of san francisco. in that time one corner of the city turned into an epicenter of innovation. >> the sprawling campus is in the center of the new biotech boon town. there was a different landscape of empty warehouses a decade ago it was a wasteland. colleagues told me we're not going to go there. >> the campus started with construction of genentech hall and a philosophy of build it and they will come. the campus is now home to nobel prize winners. walking into one lab you might see researchers coaxing stem cells into living, beating heart tissue. another teamworks on building an artificial kidney.
6:46 pm
saying it's not just to make discoveries but to share them. >> we've been the home for a long time of great clinical work and great basic science. and we wanted mission bay to be more than just putting two together. >> this lab is known as the garage. director says it's open to whomever can scratch up the rent. >> if you want to start new companies have you to work long hours for peanut butter sandwiches. >> you bio is an example of that turning a project that sequences bacteria into a business financed by crowd sourcing in just over six months. >> only mechanism i know to do that is try to get investors to turn into product. >> the result has been find of a magnet affect. university l california first
6:47 pm
broke ground there was one firm placed in the city. there are now more than 100. >> 50 of them are start ups. >> a legacy of change. it could continue to reshape the southeastern side of san francisco this decades still to come. >> design, art, everything. young people want to come from around the country and that think where i can be successful is mission bay. >> let's update the weather forecast. >> starting with live doppler 7 hd. clouds off shore as well. pockets of moisture showing up as well, tomorrow, state wide we'll see showers and rainfall up north around eureka pushing towards the bay area. here in the bay area may see sprinkles in the north bay.
6:48 pm
later in the bay, showers and rainfall becoming more organized afternoons to evening hours. areas beginning to receive light rain. high temperatures mid-50s to 60 degrees tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. some showers may linger, then, they'll end. there is a slight chance of rain saturday and sunday. tomorrow is a spare the air day. enjoy. >> thank you. >> okay. >> we're all focused on the niners but there is controversy surrounding raiders right now. >> when you heard you've heard it all, astounding charges from tim brown. what happened in super bowl 37 if the coach sabotage his own team?
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good evening, raiders making news. the 2002 raider who's lost super bowl 37 to tamp wra bay. raiders great tim brown said
6:52 pm
that he believes head coach sab stajed -- sabotaged his own team by changing the raider game plan friday that have week. raiders got blasted by john grudin's buccaneers. gruden, you'll recall coached the year before that. the bucs knew every play coming. 10 years remove ready the game, brown says he believes calahan didn't mind hanged gruden the victory. >> we knew how much he loved gruden and hated raiders. we knew he walked off the field on us. we knew there was no love with him and the raider organization. >> and he thought this was nuts and then, i heard jerry rice say he agreed with brown. motive, unclear. what made this explode is the use of the word sabotage. a 957 the game radio, reacted
6:53 pm
and strongly. >> is he smoking something? this guy is gone off the deep end. this is a smart guy. i've liked timmy. smart guy. great teammate. he couldn't be so much further from the truth right now. i call him a bold faced liar. >> i love romo. all right. whatever. now, to the har-bowl. jim versus john. 10 years ago. what are you going to do about it now? when talking about collin kaepernick he was asked if you dreamed about coaching a super bowl. >> no. i can't say i had that
6:54 pm
dream. i will share this with you. just the day collin kaepernick runs, the gracefulness of the stride, ground he covers this reminds me of me, when i run. then, i wake up. >> yeah. >> joe flako, the ravens quarterback doing just fine, throwing eight touchdowns. this will be the first super bowl he knows, preparation is kee.. >> you have to kinld of get all of this mayhem that is going to be involved with the game and all that have stuff. you have to get that out of the way. and focus on the 49ers. >> the kings are signed and not yet delivered to seattle. they have a $525 million deal
6:55 pm
to sell the team then moving to seattle. that is on the table. nba still has to approve that transaction. sacramento mayor is trying to get a local ownership group together. >> i just say be cautiously optimistic. be smart this, isn't about our city against their city or one mayor against another mayor we have something that is ours. and we want to keep it. we are going to do everything we can to make it the final resting place of the king autos let's see if they can pull it together. sorry if i sabotaged this newscast but i wanted to do it. >> seems like he tried to get hype for his radio show. >> that is wild. >> join me tonight on 9:00, coming up, the crazy stunt
6:56 pm
bringing if you meaning to feel your pain. >> then at 11:00 extreme price of seeing 49ers play in super bowl. how much some fans are paying to take this trip of a lifetime. >> and jimmy kimmel live tonight with guest singer leann rimes. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a costume designer from san diego, california... a customer-service specialist from douglasville, georgia... and our returning champion, an attorney and la k to a judge from yonkers, new york... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thanks, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. well, if you were watching yesterday, you saw barbara make a mistake in thee jeopardy! round that could have been very costly,
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but she's the only player to come up with the correct response in final. and that's why she's here today to defend against buddy and michelle. welcome aboard. good luck. here we go -- the jeopardy! round. e are the categories welcome aboard. and these are the categories. starting off with... alex: barbara, start. art & artist, $200, please. andrea del sarto admired leonardo, as you can see in this fresco by andr michelle. what is "the last supper"? that's right. art & artist, $400, please. michelle again. who is frida kahlo? yes. art & artist, $600, please.


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